Our Adjusters

Expertise: ADA has in-depth, hands-on training from GA-level instructors at our state-of-the-art Training Center that prepares each of our adjusters to go into the field as a Total Adjuster®.

  • Certification: ACA adjusters acquire and maintain necessary licenses, carrier certifications, and knowledge they require in the field through ongoing education at the Training Center.
  • Scalability: Stationed throughout the country, our adjusters are ready to support the largest disasters, or your daily claims needs.
  • Quality: Our adjusters are back by EGA-level field management team who ensure a level of consistency and accuracy that contributes to the best cycle-times in the industry
  • Continuing Education: ADA also offers classrooms and hands-on traininsg to ensure our adjusters are expertly trained to deliver the highest quality service.

Claim Advocates

  • Our Claim Adjusters have over 20 years of experience!
  • We partner with your insurance to provide guidance through the stressful process of managing daily claims and catastrophe claims.
  • Our adjusters identify and overcome obstacles and move the claim process towards a resolution as quickly as possible.
  • We partner with any other party associated with the potential loss in efforts to assist with accelerating the process.