Auto Services

  • Interview all involved parties from the beginning to the end of the claim handling “process”
  • Evaluate and negotiate first and third party total loss automobile claims with the established settlement authority
  • Answer and respond to attorney, regulatory, producer and consumer inquiries
  • Manage state operations and recommend subrogation opportunities
  • Works with insured, claimant, attorneys, witness(s), repair shop, service providers, and others to bring assigned claims to prompt conclusion
  • Submits prompts and concise reports containing all information and evidence developed in the investigation
  • Manage all total loss claims providing support to insurance carrier to either purchase vehicle in order to retain a salvage time
  • Effectively communicate with the other department in order to help facilitate the process

Bodily Injury

  • Knowledge of mechanics of bodily injury, medical terminology, settlement negotiations
  • Investigate, evaluate, negotiate and settle auto claim in accordance with State Tort Law, in an assigned area to include verification of policy coverage, legal liability and extent of damage to persons and property
  • Interview medical specialist, agents, police, medical professional, witnesses, attorney’s or claimant to compile information regarding accidents and resulting injuries to determine whether and how much to pay claimant
  • Determine potential exposures, identify cased that should be recommended for settlement, negotiate settlements, and dismal
  • We provide proactive customer services for both internal and external customers that  meets and exceeds established goals and expectations
  • Assure all ISO Lien Hospital Medicaid and outside contractual obligations are protected to assure compliance and protection of both policyholder and company assets
  • Conducts personal audits to identify deficiencies and report training opportunities
  • Assist in special investigation(s) to identify and reduce fraud efforts in all areas of the claim arena with a detailed tracking of all efforts and deterrents to achieve established goals and assure payment of only what is owed to improve bottom line and loss ratios in each active treaty