Third Party Administrator (TPA)

ACA is recognized as a dependable, comprehensive, accurate and efficient claim management service as well as third party administrator support.  At ACA we have designed our TPA claim service to minimize our client’s overall exposures and control cost.  Each step of our comprehensive claim program has been structured to achieve results, including driving claims to resolution in a timely, through and cost effective manner. ACA provides TPA services that encompass but are not limited to daily and catastrophe claim adjusting, claim auditing, inspections, and claim management. We also:

  • Handle claims nationwide
  • Have immediate, responsive adjuster/staff to new claims, questions and service request(s)
  • ISO claim search to verify related claims for potential fraud
  • Provide quality assurance in metric and cost analysis
  • Knowledge of laws in specific jurisdictions
  • Risk management services
  • Investigate, appraise, and settlement of insurance claim(s)